Refund Policy

At ReservationHelps, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and support. Our refund policy is designed to ensure transparency and fairness in all refund-related matters. Please read the following guidelines carefully to understand our refund process:

  1. Cancellation and Refund Eligibility:
    • Refund eligibility varies depending on the fare rules of the airline, hotel, or other travel service provider.
    • Customers are advised to review the terms and conditions of their booking before requesting a cancellation and refund.
    • Some bookings may be non-refundable or subject to cancellation fees imposed by the service provider.
  2. Cancellation Requests:
    • To cancel a booking and request a refund, customers must contact ReservationHelps customer service either by phone or email.
    • Cancellation requests must be made within the specified timeframe as per the fare rules or terms and conditions of the booking.
  3. Refund Processing:
    • Once a cancellation request is received, our team will process the refund as per the applicable fare rules and terms.
    • Refunds are typically issued to the original form of payment used for the booking.
    • Processing times for refunds may vary depending on the payment method and service provider policies.
  4. Refund Amount:
    • The amount refunded is subject to deductions for any applicable cancellation fees, service charges, or penalties imposed by the service provider.
    • ReservationHelps reserves the right to deduct any applicable fees or charges from the refund amount as per the fare rules and terms of the booking.
  5. Exceptions:
    • In certain cases, such as force majeure events or airline-initiated cancellations, refunds may be subject to different terms and conditions.
    • ReservationHelps will make every effort to assist customers in obtaining refunds in such circumstances, but cannot guarantee outcomes beyond our control.
  6. Customer Support:
    • For any questions or assistance regarding cancellations and refunds, customers can contact ReservationHelps customer service team for prompt assistance.
    • Our dedicated support team is available to address any concerns and provide guidance throughout the refund process.

By booking with ReservationHelps, customers agree to adhere to the refund policy outlined above. We are committed to providing excellent service and ensuring customer satisfaction in all aspects of our operations.

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